Sweet & Savory Bakery

Sweet & Savory Bakery

(724) 614-6060
New Castle, PA 16105
Monday-Thursday 7am - 7pm, Friday-Saturday 7am - 4pm, Sunday - Closed

Our products are made with the freshest ingredients and on a weekly basis, twice weekly if needed. We shop at farmers markets for our fresh blueberries and jalapeƱos to support our local farmers. We also connected with local stores to contact us when they have an abundance of ingredients we use and we take them off their hands first. Being a small business, we definitely support other small businesses in the area before heading to the larger stores.

Our success has derived from our local community, and we intend to give back as much as possible. Thanks for visiting the website, and feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have regarding are products.

We look forward to baking for you soon.