Papa Gelateria

Papa Gelateria

(412) 529-9818
318 Highland Ave, New Castle, Pa 16101
2pm-9pm Tuesday-Sunday, closed Monday

Alex Papa & Megan Bayuk

Papa Gelateria LLC was founded to own something new that The Lawrence County area lacked, an authentic Italian Gelato shop.

Dating back to the Renaissance Period in the late 1500’s, gelato has been a delicious dessert throughout all of the Italian peninsula. Not until recently, however, gelato has made its way here to the United States. The response to this dessert has been a resounding yes, with sales soaring up 32% in 2017 alone. Gelato now makes up 5% of the world ice cream sales, and that number is expected to grow exponentially. Papa Gelateria is taking the gelato craze right here to Lawrence County Pennsylvania’s for all to enjoy this frozen soft ice cream dessert.

Our location is 318 Highland Ave, New Castle PA 16101. We sell gelato in cups sizes mini-large and pints. We also sell Affogato, which is sea salt caramel, chocolate, or vanilla bean gelato with a shot of freshly brewed espresso poured over it. We also offer a $20 10 mini sample platter. We do online and in shop purchases.

For the farmers market we sell a one size $5 2 1/2 scoop regular. We can take cash/card. Everything will be served with lids on it already as takeout.